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Our menu is completely based on pure love for comida

For reservations please call to the restaurant

02:30 PM

Thank you!

Your reservation will be confirmed via email


Translation of amar in English:
amar (ah-mar)

1. To love

We think the word AMAR is the most beautiful word in the spanish dictionary,whose root "amma" (AMOR) is born from the first syllablee that a child expresses to a mother. Is is a reminder of the purest feeling of humanity

AMAR refers to the creator's creative energy, the most subtle vibration that has forme
d everything, AMOR.

We are a scratch kitchen, which means that out dynamic menu items are prepared from scratch, for this reason our plates are not coursed. As soon as our chef finishes a dish it will be brought to your table freshly made. 
We appreciate your patience


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